Opening sequence released in advance! Additional super-villains revealed!

Opening sequence for “Suicide Squad ISEKAI”, new anime series is revealed ahead of streaming.

Additional super-villains and its voice actors, synopsis and still cuts of Episode 1 was also announced too!

Opening Sequence (YouTube link)

<Opening sequence staff>

Storyboard & Direction: Takuji Miyamoto
Animation Supervisor: Takuji Miyamoto

Additional Super-Villains & Voice Actors

Rat Catcher (voiced by Yoji Ueda)

【Character Description】

Former rat exterminator who can communicate with rats.
Deadshot claims to be an old friend from his prison days, but…

The Thinker (voiced by Hochu Otsuka)

【Character Description】

Brilliant but mad scientist with huge ego.
He enhances his abilities and manipulates minds with a “Thinking Cap” worn on his head.

Enchantress (voiced by Shizuka Ito)

【Character Description】

An ancient witch, who inhabits the body of a kind woman named June Moone.
She is captured by Amanda Waller as she possesses great magical powers.

Killer Croc (voiced by Taro Kiuchi)

【Character Description】

Crocodile-like human with extreme strength.
He conquers the underwater realm with super speed and power.

Episode 1 synopsis and stills can be found here.