To celebrate streaming of episode 1 – 3, clean version of the ED sequence featuring “Go-Getters” by Mori Calliope was released on WBJA YouTube channel.

Ending Sequence (YouTube link)

ED Theme:Mori Calliope “Go-Getters”

ED Theme song “Go-Getters” by Mori Calliope is released digitally

Currently available on Spotify、Apple Music and more!

【ED theme song information】

Anime series “Suicide Squad ISEKAI” ED theme
“Go-Getters” by Mori Calliope


Composed by Giga & TeddyLoid
Lyrics by Mori Calliope / Yuki Tsujimura
Jacket Illustration:Original Art by Naoto Hosoda/ Coloring by Miyuki Kibata

Mori Calliope

Mori Calliope is a VTuber artist who is popular not only in Japan but also in other countries around the world. Mori Calliope has attracted many music fans with her unique lyrics, which mix English and Japanese, and her outstanding rap skills. Mori Calliope’s latest EP “JIGOKU 6” charted at No. 1 on the iTunes Album Rock Chart in 9 countries and regions, and charted on the US Billboard World Album and Top Album Sales charts, expanding her global recognition as a made-in-Japan artist.

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